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Many principals, teachers and parents, just like you and me, watch their kids struggle to keep up with the pressures of school, college and university. The aspirations and expectations we set for our students somehow get lost as time progresses and life is filled with distractions and stress.

One of the biggest desires of teachers is to make sure each of their students is doing well. However sometimes it can be challenging for them to connect with each student and their needs. Students may not understand what to focus on or how to effectively spend their study time to improve learning.


  • principals and teachers having the time and understanding to create a profile of student learning over time, just like a doctor builds up a medical record for each patient.
  • this profile tells us about the student’s history.
  • it shows us the capabilities each student has developed throughout their schooling.
  • it tells us about their talents and critical needs.
  • using it to predict and plan their development to improve future learning and shape their lives.
  • even more teachers and students inspired to do more of what they love.
  • principals and teachers having a one-stop shop where they can make this all become reality.

Then imagine the impact this can have on changing the world…

Our Essence

At Obsidian Data we believe that shaping the lives of students through personalised learning can change the world. We challenge the education status quo by helping principals and teachers understand the learning needs of students. We also engage parents in this process for greater impact. We just happen to build elegant and innovative software that is easy to use.

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